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Kavala NightCityRun 2017 (eng)

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Kavala Night CityRun 2017

5 km & 10 km


  • Date:Saturday 16 September 2017
  • Time:00 - 10km & 20.15 - 5km
  • Starting Point: Eleytherias square, Kavala
  • Finish:Eleytherias square, Kavala
  • Distance: 10 km & 5 km
  • Time Limit:2,5 hours
  • Participation / Registration cost:10€


For the fourth year in a row, the night time race entitled "Kavala Night CityRun" is being organised in Kavala. This is a race which is taking place exclusively in an urban landscape, including main streets, squares, the harbour and the coastal city zone, and also crossing the narrow streets of the old town and the castle.

  • Applications for registration and participation are carried out elecrtonically on the website of “Kavala Sports Supporters ” at web address lfk.gr 
  • Participation to the race costs 10€. Payment can be effected at the bank account of the Fan Club of Kavala with details as follows:

       ΙΒΑΝ: GR0201710610006061137936292 Piraeus bank

  • The categories available for this race are


     Men's age groups: a) 18-29 b) 30-39, c) 40-49, d) 50+. Women's age groups:      a)18-39b)40+                                                                                  


     Men's age groups: a)up to 17 b)18-29 c) 30-39, d) 40-49, e)50+. Women's    age groups: a) up to 17 b)18-39 c) 40+

  • Each athlete is assigned a competing number (bib) that is obligatory to be placed on them at a prominent position on the front of their shirt. The number of each athlete is incorporated with an electronic chip, as the timing will be carried out electronically
  • The numbers for each athlete will be assigned with a designated colour, according to the category that the runner will be participating in (5 or 10 km)
  • Up to one hour before the race starts, each athlete is entitled to a bag which shall include his number, commemorative material for the competition and a souvenir t-shirt of the race, to be arranged by the secretariat.
  • Commemorative prizes shall be awarded to the winners of all categories. Commemorative medals are awarded to the first three athletes in each category. A Commemorative participation medal is awarded to all athletes, regardless of the final outcome.

KavalaNightCityRun is jointly organised by the Municipality of Kavala and “Kavala Sports Supporters ”